How much does an orthopedic mattress cost?

On average, the price is higher than a normal mattress and can range from 750 to 1500 Dollars, depending on the type of model, material, size and so on. If you buy it under a doctor’s prescription, you will undoubtedly have to take into account a considerable initial outlay, however, the expense could be easily amortized over time if this will bring a definite benefit to your pathology.

In any case, do not discard the idea of buying an orthopedic mattress online, in case you are already certain and convinced of the choice, since the online stores can offer very attractive discounts and promotions on the product, resulting in a significant cost savings overall also through transport, which in many cases is free and not charged to the buyer.

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The choice of networks:

The mattress, in turn, needs a frame and nets that support it adequately: only in this way is it possible to obtain that support suitable for our spine. First of all, the network must be correctly combined with the mattress we are going to choose: in fact, there are many types of networks on the market, which can be differentiated from many points of view. The main networks on the market are:

Metal nets

Wooden slats nets

Fixed networks

Mobile networks

Motorized networks

Anatomical networks

Orthopedic networks

Each type of mattress has its ideal network: the thinner ones need a more rigid net, for example, a spring mattress takes advantage of a wide slatted base, and so on. Speaking of standard orthopedic mattresses, it is clear that for those who suffer from back problems, orthopedic nets are adequate, which are a single, monolithic base, which helps to find the correct alignment between the spine, head, and neck.

Once you have chosen the mattress, then also consider changing the net if it is worn out over time or is not suitable for your new type of mattress.

Why buy an orthopedic mattress?

Why buy an orthopedic mattress? The choice of a product of this type as we have said can be linked to multiple factors, first of all linked to our state of health, to which we must add the need to combine the greatest possible comfort with a product that does not compromise but rather favors the right position of our spine, providing adequate support.