Why prefer a memory mattress to a spring mattress?

The choice of a memory mattress compared to a spring mattress can bring considerable advantages. Below we list the most obvious and important ones. If you are in search of the best mattress for two different sleepers, visit our site to compare brands at Bestmattress-brand; well, for quick overview please read this blog post.

1. The classic spring mattresses are normally not removable and this could be a trigger for allergies and problems deriving from the onset of dust mites. The foams that make up a memory mattress, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

2. Many times the excessive rigidity of a classic spring mattress could be excessive. In fact, it could be too hard because, even if the springs help to distribute the weight of the body well without sinking it, at the same time they make the mattress too rigid for people of too fragile and not strong build. The peculiarity of a memory mattress instead, is characterized by a very high level of elasticity and the ability to adapt to the shapes of the body, whatever they may be without being neither too rigid or nor too soft.

3. Adapting to body temperature is another important factor to consider when comparing the characteristics of different types of mattresses. If on the one hand, memory foam mattresses adapt perfectly to body heat and allow temperature regulation, spring mattresses do not do the same. Usually, in fact, this type of spring mattresses (or with pocket springs) have two different sides of the mattress, one summer and one winter and it is necessary to turn them depending on the season, not always guaranteeing optimal regulation.

4. The quality of the memory mattresses is visible, over time, by observing the collapse of the foams that compose it. So, you can immediately realize if the mattress has to be replaced or not after a certain number of years. The replacement of a spring mattress instead many times occurs later than it should. This is because the collapse of the springs and internal structure are not possible to observe directly and signs such as sleepless nights, back pain on waking and neck ache to make it clear that there may be a problem.